Re: SUMMARY: Adaptec 1522A controller under x8

From: Dan Donovan, SunSoft SE (dgd@nantucket.Eng.Sun.COM)
Date: Wed Feb 02 1994 - 13:52:53 CST

In article, (Eric Berggren) writes:
> (Eric Berggren) writes:
> Eric Berggren | "Parts of this product may be derived from
> Portland State University | from UNIX and Berkeley 4.3 BSD systems..."
> | -- Label on Solaris 2.x disk

The 1520/1522 (AIC 6260/6360) are not currently supported by x86. We're working
on a driver which will be available as a driver update (available via
an as yet undefined Internet site, Compuserve or floppies). I would not suggest
attaching anything beyond a CD-ROM to this controller, as it is definitely not
high performance.

x86 does support the Sun CD-ROM drive, as well as "industry standard" CD-ROM
drives. The primary difference is in the the block size. The boot PROM in Sun
machines requires a 512 byte block to boot off the CD-ROM. Most standard CD-ROM
drives support only 2048 byte blocks.

Dan Donovan
Systems Engineer, Western Area

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