SUMMARY: Adaptec 1522A controller under x86 2.1 ?

From: Eric Berggren (
Date: Mon Jan 31 1994 - 20:14:16 CST (Eric Berggren) writes:

> Couldn't find the x86 FAQ anywhere (even rtfm)...

  Located on .

> Anyway, will an Adaptec 1522A work to boot Solaris x86 2.1 ?

  Nope. Tech support indicates Solaris will never support a card
as cheap as this ($80). Have to go with the $200 1542C .

> (and would any of them support the "native" Sun CD-ROM drive ?)

  Being a Sony, it will probably work; the blocksize must be set
to 2048, so I'm told.

> Would 2.4 ? And is it really coming out by Spring 1994 ?

  Not bloody likely. I am very curious how SunSoft expects a migration
to their product if they refuse to support common (and cheap) products.
If Linux supports Mitsumi drives, why not a large company ?

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