Re: SUMMARY: Adaptec 1522A controller under x86 2.1 ?

From: Dan Mick (dmick@stasis.West.Sun.COM)
Date: Fri Feb 04 1994 - 22:23:10 CST

In article <2ikdto$> (Eric Berggren) writes:
> (Eric Berggren) writes:
>> Couldn't find the x86 FAQ anywhere (even rtfm)...
> Located on .
>> Anyway, will an Adaptec 1522A work to boot Solaris x86 2.1 ?
> Nope. Tech support indicates Solaris will never support a card
>as cheap as this ($80). Have to go with the $200 1542C .

It's true the 1522A is not currently supported under Solaris x86. I don't
know who told you "Solaris will never support a card this cheap", though;
plenty of new device driver development is going on at SunSoft.

>> (and would any of them support the "native" Sun CD-ROM drive ?)
> Being a Sony, it will probably work; the blocksize must be set
>to 2048, so I'm told.

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