Re: SUMMARY : Commercial Eudora : any comments/experiences?

From: Sherman Wilcox (
Date: Sat Oct 02 1993 - 11:09:41 CDT

I've been using Eudora 2.0 this past week (received it only about four
days after I ordered it).

I love it. I can't imagine LBF ("Life Before Filters") now that I have
this capability. Believe me, if you get even 10-20 messages a day,
this is a blessing.

The manual is very nicely done (well, a couple of things are not
obvious in the index, but...).

I had been using the SFU version of Eudora. When I received 2.0, I
knew I would have to struggle with ResEdit and navigation. But, being
anxious and perverse, I booted it and said, "What the heck, let's see
what happens." To my surprise (I guess I've got this figured out now),
it logged me in to my university server (which goes through a
campus-wide network before giving me access to my personal account)
just fine. No fuss, no muss.

One question, sort of unrelated to this thread: I'm using Eudora with
a Duo 230 and the internal Duo Express Modem (yes, with no problems at
all). When I call from my campus phone, I *must* use a five-digit
dialing sequence. When I'm calling from off campus, I have to use the
whole 7-digit number. Is there any way of doing this *without* going
into the Communications menu item and manually changing the number in
the CTB each time? I could probably test some methods myself, but lazy
person that I am, I was hoping someone would offer a quick solution

Thanks, QualComm, for a *great* email solution. I've often spent $100
or more on software (and upgrades) and felt I got about $25 worth of
utility. With Eudora 2.0, I spent $25 (educational price) and feel
like I got over $100 worth of utility. Not a bad deal!

-- Sherman Wilcox

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