SUMMARY : Commercial Eudora : any comments/experiences?

From: B.G. Mahesh (
Date: Fri Oct 01 1993 - 09:10:48 CDT

My original query...

Would like to know if you have any comments on the commercial version
of PC Eudora and Mac Eudora. I am particularly interested to hear how
well they work over the serial [modem] line [both PC and Mac version]

>From Mon Sep 27 12:57:27 1993

We purchased an unlimited site license for PC/Mac Eudora. Only have the Mac
version now, but am beta testing the PC version. We are VERY pleased with
the Mac version and the PC version is coming along very well. Believe this
will be a very good and cost-effective solution for our desktop environment.

>From Tue Sep 28 03:30:20 1993

I like it. It basically adds a few things like filters, and I will be
playing with AppleScript stuff as soon as I get an introductory book from
BMUG in the mail this week.

The dialing capabilities are identical to the other versions: you have to
use Nav Strings. I was used to the SFU scriptable version, but now it
looks like I have a couple choices if I want to improve login capabilities:

        wait for Ray Davison to create his SFU CTB tool, still in development write a calypso script (this is not a first choice)

If you have any other questions, let me know. Overall, there are that many
changes yet if you are looking for major differences in how it works.



>From Tue Sep 28 11:33:44 1993

With the Mac version you have a couple of options, SLIP or Direct Dialup.
Because the Macintosh computer has a built in 'Communications Toolbox'
Eudora can actually login into your UNIX or Terminal server and download
or upload mail.

With PC Eudora you only have the SLIP or PPP option, our programmers are
working a direct dial method now for the PC version but it's still a ways

Don Wells Phone (619) 597-5056 Fax (619) 587-8276
                    "Eudora by Qualcomm"

>From Wed Sep 29 14:33:20 1993
I run the commercial Eudora for the Mac. It works just like the free
version but with a few extra features, including:
- automatic handling of messages based on headers and/or content
- UUEncode/decode (may you never need it)
- multiple address books (a crude but usable implementation)
- hooks for spell checking via apple events (I've not got a spell checker
that supports it, so can't say how well it works)
- open attachments by double-clicking in the message

Both free and commerical versions have MIME support and all the other stuff
that makes Eudora the best mail program for the Mac by a significant
margin. It's also robust.

I've heard the NUPOP is also well liked for the PC, but try the free Eudora
and see what you think. The commercial one should have a few more features
but otherwise work the same.

-- Russell

B.G. MAHESH                          

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