Re: SUMMARY : Commercial Eudora : any comments/experiences?

From: Steve Dorner (
Date: Mon Oct 04 1993 - 08:30:02 CDT

In article <28k945$>, (Sherman Wilcox)

> One question, sort of unrelated to this thread: I'm using Eudora with
> a Duo 230 and the internal Duo Express Modem (yes, with no problems at
> all). When I call from my campus phone, I *must* use a five-digit
> dialing sequence. When I'm calling from off campus, I have to use the
> whole 7-digit number. Is there any way of doing this *without* going
> into the Communications menu item and manually changing the number in
> the CTB each time?

*Any* way encompasses a lot. Yes, there are other ways. I'm not sure that
in the long run you'd find them to be better ways, but there are other

- The phone number popup menu (saves typing the number, still have to use
communications item)

- A separate settings file for off-campus use (gotta remember which one to
use, gotta keep other settings "in synch")

- A plug-in file with the off- (or on-) campus CTB config in it (gotta move
it into the prefs folder when needed, out when not)

I don't know much about PB utilities like CPU; can they diddle files? If
so, you might be able to have some of this done for you.

Steve Dorner, Qualcomm Inc

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