Summary Newbie question on patch problems

From: Pennington, John <>
Date: Tue Dec 09 2008 - 11:52:51 EST
Many thanks to everybody who replied. Especially Dan West whose answer
quickly solved the problem.

Original question:

I recently installed 57 security patches using PCA on a Solaris 9 box
and well, now when I
try to log in from CDE I am asked for my username which I enter and
press ok. When I do that, the screen clears and I am right back to the
username prompt. It never asks me for the password. Rebooting does not
fix, although I can get into the system if I select login from the
command line.


I received many helpful answers and tips for troubleshooting the

Michael Watson and Mathew Stier and suggested checking the logs in
/var/dt and logging into the server from another box and exporting the
display back.  The process involved Killing the dtlogin -daemon
processes and then trussing dtlogin (without -daemon)

The solution that worked best for me though  was from Dan West:

" I had the same symptoms recently on a Solaris 9 system after
installing the recommended/security patch cluster.  In my case it only
happened at the console.  I could login via CDE from another system
without problems.  In my case it turned out to be the language setting
in CDE.
>From the CDE login screen pull down the "Options" menu and choose
"Language".  Then choose "C to de_DE.UTF-8".  I then choose "C -------
POSIX".  This corrected the problem for me.  I never did track down
which patch messed up this setting."

Thanks again to everyone who responded!

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