Summary : Sun Fire 240 keeps rebooting

From: Bigadmin <>
Date: Thu Dec 04 2008 - 20:11:43 EST
Thanks every one for help and quick response.
Specially, Jeffrey Seul, mid xinef and Stefan Varga
Mirror had problem, so booted the server from cdrom and mounted root file
Changed vfstab to boot from native devices rather than meta device.
deleted meta device files in /etc/lvm, and removed md line from /etc/system
and rebooted.

Server came back ok, then recreated the meta devices and mirrored disks.

The most important part was to remove the /etc/lvm files or removing two LVM
start up
Script to prevent the sync at the start up even when we boot from native

In my case there was some corrupted files which recovered it from backup
that I had.
For example sd.conf file size was 0 and that was causing problem.

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Subject: Sun Fire 240 keeps rebooting


one of our server keeps rebooting with following error

can not mount root on /pseudo/md@0:0,3,blk
panic[cpu0]/thread=10408000: vfs_mountroot: cannot mount root

0000000010407970 genunix:vfs_mountroot+70 (10436000, 0, 0, 10439008, 10, 14)
%l0-3: 0000000010436000 0000000010439978 000000003e000000 00000000104364b8
%l4-7: 0000000000000000 0000000010413888 00000000000bc8b5 00000000000008b5
0000000010407a20 genunix:main+8c (104101e0, 2000, 10407ec0, 10408030,  
fff2, 1005
%l0-3: 0000000000000001 0000000000000001 0000000000000015 0000000000000f0c
%l4-7: 0000000010429200 0000000010475610 00000000000d4b08 0000000000000540

I have tried "boot -avs" to boot the server on one side of the mirror
but system throw above error right after loading glm1 driver.

I can mount from cdrom with "boot cdrom -s" command and mount root partition
and /var/ but don't know why system can not be booted normally.

any idea ?
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