SUMMARY: SunFire V210, ALOM password recovery

From: Iancu Grigoras <>
Date: Tue Dec 02 2008 - 12:00:35 EST

	Thank you for your responses, but I have tried the methods without 
success. If you can think of any method please let me know.

Problem: I don't have the ALOM password and the boot sequence doesn't 
get past than the ALOM "Please login:" prompt.

    The equipment is a SunFire V210, with ALOM v1.6.2.
    I can connect to serial port, but I cannot boot the OS or the 
CD-ROM, because it hangs  after ALOM "Please Login:" prompt.

Methods I have tried:

1) I have tried entering the "ALOM <ESC>" menu, but the option "Erase 
flash" isn't available, I think this is option is available for the 
older version like v1.1

Boot Sector FLASH CRC Test
Boot Sector FLASH CRC Test, PASSED.

Return to Boot Monitor for Handshake  Did not get a boot protocol message.


f - Wait for flash download from host.
C - Copy Boot Monitor from FLASHBOAT.
j - Jump to main code (at 0x01010000).
m - Run POST Menu.
     (Do not try this after a flash update of the boot monitor!)
d - play DOOM
s - Set clock speed
e - Set external and internal console serial ports baud rate
i - Set internal control serial port baud rate
t - Toggle 'OK' flag
R - Reset SC
b,h,w - Read byte/halfword/word
B,H,W - Write byte/halfword/word
r - Return to bootmon
Your selection: e

2) After ALOM login time out, I get the message below and I cannot 
access the OK prompt.

Serial line login timeout, returns to console stream.
Enter #. to return to ALOM.

3) I have tried different jumper setting from the reference without 

Original email:
    I have a SunFire V210 and it doesn't boot from the system or CD-ROM.
After loading the ALOM it hangs.
    I have tried to reset the password by changing jumpers or removing
the battery, but without success.

    Please tel me if you know a method to reset the ALOM password.

ALOM Build Release: 003
Full VxDiag Tests - PASSED
    Status summary  -  Status = 7FFF
       VxDiag    -          -  PASSED
       POST      -          -  PASSED
       LOOPBACK  -          -  PASSED
       I2C       -          -  PASSED
       EPROM     -          -  PASSED
       FRU PROM  -          -  PASSED
       ETHERNET  -          -  PASSED
       MAIN CRC  -          -  PASSED
       BOOT CRC  -          -  PASSED
       TTYD      -          -  PASSED
       TTYC      -          -  PASSED
       MEMORY    -          -  PASSED
       MPC850    -          -  PASSED
Please login:
Serial line login timeout, returns to console stream.
Enter #. to return to ALOM.

Kind regards,
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