SUMMARY: Factory default sc login

From: Breneman, David <>
Date: Sat Nov 22 2008 - 10:33:38 EST
My question concerned trying to log into the SC on some Fujitsu Prime
Power 250s we were repurposing.  Nobody here had any idea what to try as
the uid/password once we'd run out of our "usual suspects" and nobody
knew the factory defaults.

Several folks  hererecommended uids and passwords to try, the most
common being "root"/"changeme". The gold cigar, however, goes to Andrey
Borzenkov who wrote that there is no factory default, and that you must
first set up an account at the OS level before you can log into the SC
at all.  The utility to do this with is /opt/FJSVmadm/sbin/madmin (menu
item 5 therein), which also has some other useful utilities as well.
Sure enough, none of these machines had ever had an SC account st up.
After poking around in madm, it appears that unlike Sun boxes, on the
Fujitsus you have a choice of using either the serial console port or
the netmgt console port, but not both.  Something to keep in mind the
next time we requisition provisioning for Fujitsu boxes in our
datacenters... :-)

Thanks to everyone who took the time and effort to respond.

David Breneman
Senior Systems Administrator
AT&T eCommerce Systems Engineering
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