SUMMARY: SNMP-trap sending from ALOM SunFireV440

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Date: Thu Nov 20 2008 - 11:51:07 EST
Answer for my question is NO.
Thanks to Murat Balkas and Aleks Feltin:

Murat Balkas said:

I'm sorry no.

A correspondence we've with our SUN support engineer is as follows :

Customer have be requesting a dedicated agent in ALOM so the machines
supported by ALOM can be directly managed via an external SNMP station.

The current SNMP for these boxes (Sun SNMP Management Agent for Sun Fire
& Netra Systems, i.e.
SUNWmasf) requires Solaris and a SNMP agent to be running on the managed
box host side.  That host agent gathers data via PICL and sends it to
the external SNMP
management station.   The
obvious problem is a non-functioning box (OS not booted or hung) cannot
be monitored
Product has entered sustaining, no future enhancements are scheduled or
ALOM will not support SNMP.

Aleks Feltin said:

V440 SC capabilities described in this doc:

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Hello gurus,
Does anybody know is it possible to set up SNMP-trap sending from
ALOM-interface of Sun-Fire V440. Thanks in advance.
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