SUMMARY: Clearing mailq

From: Kiran Sharma <>
Date: Fri Nov 14 2008 - 11:09:12 EST
every one. I had many responses and I really appreciate it. it will be a long
list if I include all of those names here but I really thank all of them.

I tried the following command but after I delete those queues it filled with
the same number of mails. 

cd /var/spool && cp -p mqueue
mqueue.orig && cd mqueue && rm *

I had to stop sendmail and
move the file and create a new mqueue file with proper permission. 

Now there is no more queue. We found the source of the mail and finally taken

Thank you so much



--- On Thu, 11/6/08, Kiran Sharma <> wrote:
From: Kiran Sharma <>
Subject: Clearing mailq
To: "Sun Managers" <>
Date: Thursday, November 6, 2008, 3:09 PM

I tried to clear the mail queue but unsuccessful. Solaris 9 sendmail.
I tried  cd /var/spool && cp -p mqueue mqueue.orig && cd mqueue
&& rm *
but now there are more mails then before. mailq shows over 16K messages.
Tried  # /usr/sbin/sendmail -q -v
# /usr/sbin/sendmail -Ac -q -v
still no luck.

Its a prod server and scare to follow following steps which I found at google.
1. mailq
2. /etc/init.d/sendmail stop
3. cd /var/spool && cp -p mqueue mqueue.orig && cd mqueue
&& rm * 
4. /etc/init.d/sendmail start
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