Summary(non): Sol10 on HP DL180

From: joe fletcher <>
Date: Mon Nov 10 2008 - 09:59:45 EST

Sort of gave up in the end. Had the chassis changed for ones with a removeable
media bay equipped with a DVD drive. Installing from the local DVD seems to
work fine. I will put in a support item with HP/SUN to see if we can get the
problem resolved.

For anyone in the same situation, use Sol10 _x86_u5 or better, plus latest
cpqary3 drivers from HP.



-------------- then -----------------

Some slight progress; its something to do with virtual media handling on the
new LO100 console cards. The boot process won't work using a mounted iso
via the ILO card but it will if I use an actual DVD in the drive on the
machine running the remote console. I've got it as far a loading the array
drivers but after that it just seems to hang up. I've had some suggestions
with respect to the disk presentation via the BIOS which I'll play with next

-------------- originally -----------------------


Anyone got a working install of Solaris10_x86 on an HP Proliant DL180 G5?
bought a couple and the install dies just after the initial splash screen.
Looks like it's crashing when it finds the P400 RAID controller. Now I've got
some DL360/365s using the same controller without a problem so I'm wondering
if its a quirk of the 180s.

Anyone seen similar?


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