Summary: ntp question

From: Jose Chung <>
Date: Mon Nov 10 2008 - 08:11:17 EST
Thanks to Andrey Borzenkov for replying to this.

Here is his reply;
Basically, falsetickers are servers that are less "trustworthy" than others.
Out of 2n+1 servers normally n servers are considered as "falseticker"
compared with remaining n+1, which are "truechimers".

In your case it is probably due to large dispersion which makes it less
predictable than others.

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From: Jose Chung <>
Date: 2008/11/7
Subject: ntp question

Morning all,

hopefully this isn't too off topic but I haven't found the answer to this on
the internet or in the documentation.

I've configured ntp on a pair of boxes so they both point to 2 GPS ntp
servers and are also peers of each other for redundancy. It all seems to
work OK, but occasionally one of the peers is marked as 'falsticker' in ntpq
-p output. eg;

server1 $ ntpq -p
     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset
 LOCAL(0)        LOCAL(0)         8 l   34   64  377     0.00    0.000
+ntp02           .GPS.            1 u   17   64  377     2.52   60.328
*ntp01           .GPS.            1 u    6   64  377     0.44   -2.549
xserver2         ntp01            2 u  138 1024  356     7.03   -0.986

After a while the server2 line will go back to having a '+' in front of it,
ie it is included in the final selection set.

Can anyone explain what falsticker means please?


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