SUMMARY: smb on solaris 10 and macosx clients

From: Gerard Henry <>
Date: Fri Oct 31 2008 - 10:18:28 EDT
thanks for all replies, but i have no solution for my problem. Changing 
the behaviour on the user's side isn't possible.
Netatalk is great, but i don't dare to put it in a prod server.
Here are the detailed proposed solutions: wrote:
 > you could build netatalk
 > or buy ethershare

Matthew Taylor wrote:
 > What do you mean by "interoperate"?  I use Mac OS X (10.5) as my 
 > and manage several Solaris 10 boxes.  I have not enabled SAMBA as I 
see no
 > need.  My preferred solution for file exchange is to use Macfusion and
 > Macfuse (which see below), if I am not just doing one off sftp tranfers.

Rajiv Gunja wrote:
 > Look into FUSE and SSHFS it is secure and is per user than per server.

Karl Vogel wrote:
 >    "/" is never a legitimate character in a filename on a Unix box; it's
 >    used strictly as a directory separator.  You'll need to rename the
 >    files on the Mac side if they contain "/".

> i've enabled samba on my solaris 10 machine according:
> on a macosx client, i can mount the share, and copy files into without 
> troubles, except when filenames contains characters like / for example
> Enabling NFS isn't a solution for me, anybody knows if it is possible to 
>   interoperate between macosx and solaris?
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