Summary: Solaris 10 Newbie - Revised

From: White, Bob <>
Date: Wed Oct 29 2008 - 12:23:06 EDT
Original problem: SMC could not find an SMC server.  Attempts to stop
and restart the server, and reset the server failed to clear the

I did call Sun Solve, and started a case #.  Then played telephone tag
for a bit.  Continued to sift through all the threads that Google found
on this topic while on hold.

I found several mentions that this problem would be fixed in the next
release.  As the threads I was reading were from last fall and spring,
and as the release that came out of the box was 8/07, I decided to just
download the 5/08 release, and do a clean install.  Finished that this
morning.  (Side note: I tried doing an upgrade, but the window
environment wouldn't come up after reboot.  Only the command line.  I
ran through the process again, this time doing a clean install and that
worked better.)

Got the new release running, and tried SMC again, and it works as
advertised now.

However - the consensus of all the responses I got was to eschew the SMC
GUI and stick with the command line apps to do the system management
tasks.  A couple of responders (Dean Ross-Smith and Paul Ketelaar)
suggested that I should look at Webmin, which I shall try to do.

Thanks to all who responded so kindly.  In the future I'll try to select
a subject line that better reflects the problem.

The only book reference I received was this one.
Solaris 10 - The Complete Reference ISBN 0-07-222998-5 by Dr Paul
However, the reviews on were not very kind.

Bob White
M/S NLV075
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