SUMMARY: Hardware for Oracle Serverq

From: Stephen Nelson-Smith <>
Date: Wed Oct 22 2008 - 11:22:34 EDT
Hello all,

Apologies for the late summary - I've only just got around to acting
on your many recommendations.

Here are the salient points:

* Many of you pointed out that at my price point, the x86 systems are
better performers and better value for money.
* A number of you recommended I run Oracle on Linux at my price point

However, my vendor tells me Linux is not supported, nor is Solaris on
x86, so that pushed me to SPARC.

* It was observed that since  the discontinuation of the v240/245
series, there's a bit of a hole in the range
* Getting a refurbished or second-hand SPARC IV box was a strong
recommendation, which I shared, but my FD wanted to buy new
* There were some reservations around running Oracle on the Niagra
chipset, particularly around how well the thread-sharing model works
with Oracle, and whether the FP model would be a problem.  I did some
research myself, and found a number of people running OLTP
applications on Niagra chips, very happily.
* The T1000 was out of the question - not enough disks
* The T2000 looked like an option, as did the 5120

I've opted for the 5120 and stretched the budget.

Thanks for your many thoughts.

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