SUMMARY: jumpstarting and ILOM

From: Dani Calloway <>
Date: Tue Oct 21 2008 - 21:41:15 EDT
Often mentioned was the remote access capabilities of the ILOM. While
they sound interesting, we have an existing serial-console-management
solution, and don't want to deviate from it for a few systems. To that

Rather than waiting for the right moment in the boot cycle and hitting
break, you can instruct the ILOM to not boot automatically. To do
this, run 'set /HOST/bootmode script="setenv auto-boot? false"', or
"set auto-boot?=false" if you're already in OBP. Then, when the system
is powercycled, you'll always get an OK prompt before continuing. This
allows you to netboot or boot with non-standard arguments.

Thanks to Pedro Baldanta, Maciej BliziEski, Matt Clausen, and Andrew
Caines for their responses to this effect.

Dani Calloway

On 10/3/08, Dani Calloway <> wrote:
> We recently received some new Sun SPARC T5120 servers, and we need to
> jumpstart them. However, they came with a new "feature" which Sun
> calls ILOM - integrated lights out manager. With the ILOM, however, I
> can't figure out how to instruct the system to boot (and, thus,
> install) via the network. I have to reboot the system, hit Break at
> the exact correct moment during the boot to get an OK prompt and
> execute "boot net - install" from there.
> So, my question is: is there a way to make the system boot from
> network while in the ILOM shell, or do I have to continually reboot
> and break the boot sequence until I get the timing right and can
> netboot from the OK prompt?
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> Dani Calloway
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