Summary: IP kern.notice message dst FFFFFFFF src 7F000001

From: Fabio A. Miranda <>
Date: Wed Oct 08 2008 - 13:28:45 EDT
Thanks for all the answers:

Given on a m4000:

Oct  3 18:11:30 cltrde3 ip: [ID 390400 kern.notice] dst FFFFFFFF src 

This messages means that a device on the network is using as 
its source address.

The message can be ignored. If you have time, snoop interface to figure 
out source MAC and "catch" the (faulty?) device.

Another solution mentioned was redirect kern.notice to /dev/null. It is 
up to each sys-admin wether this can be accomplish because this will 
apply to all applications using that facility.

Thanks again,

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