Summary: Boot disk mirror using SVM

From: Fabio A. Miranda <>
Date: Sat Oct 04 2008 - 01:17:30 EDT
Thanks for all the answers ( metadevices is a hot topic in Solaris gurus 

Problem: Fresh install of Solaris 10 on V440 (2 x 72GB FC-AL). Slice for 
  metadb was not present, not free space, while using format came across 
"partition mounted" type of errors (even in single user mode).


I. V440 has raid controler, it's straightforward to use it via: raidctl 
( man option -c). Note that HW mirroring is MUCH better than Software 
one. Always count on HW mirroring if present.

II. Got one answer that claims Solaris 10 made a bit change that 
requires, even in single usermode with partition unmounted, to exclude 
partition intented to be reduced out of /etc/vstab. There is also a 
shell variable you set via export ( sorry, I delete the e-mail ).

So, let's say I want to get some extra space out of /export, I go to 
single usermount, umount /export, vi /etc/fstab, comment /export entry, 
format, par, p, and then add new slice ( FYI: s7 is usually used to 
metadb by Sun practices). Also, remmber to metadb -a -f -c 3 

III. ufsdump/ufsrestore the current partitions to c1t1 and boot from 
there, then repartition c1t0.

Thanks again, as usual, sunmanagers is a true source of expertise and 

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