Summary: recovering a V120 with unknown eeprom password & inaccessible ALOM

From: sunhux G <>
Date: Fri Oct 03 2008 - 07:18:43 EDT
Thanks to Rhys (D R Hughes), his reply appended below.

I've also managed to recover from it : after waiting for 3 hrs, the "Console
prompt appeared & managed to login with root (lucky root lets me in).

Then used "eeprom security-mode=none" to clear the eeprom password.
Also, took the opportunity to trim down all those startup script (yes,
/etc/init.d/LiebertM   script is the culprit that slowed down A LOM port).

Reboot is now smooth & fast & without firmware password



Have a look at Sun doc 816-2090-10.pdf (SunFire V120 and Netra 120 "Server
User's Guide" from; )
>From memory (failing badly) with a serial terminal attached to the V120's
LOM port (ie; first serial port) your type the LOM escape sequence #. (ie;
"hash" and "dot" characters). Provided nobody has altered this default LOM
escape sequence you should get the LOM> prompt.
At the LOM> prompt you probably need to enter the equivalent LOM command to
"Stop" plus "N" (or "L1" plus "N") poweron (ie; both keys must be held down
as the machine is poweron and until the OK> prompt appears [so you probably
can't do the equivalent from a serial term, but it may be worth trying]) key
sequence to reset the NVRAM to its default settings.
To do this on the V120, at the LOM> prompt enter "boot reset_nvram".
Hopefully this will reset the V120's NVRAM to factory defaults. However the
unknown password will probably still be stored in memory even though its
been disabled. So its a good idea to change the passwd to one you know and
store safe, enable it to test it and then decide whether or not to keep it
enabled or to disable it.
I think that the NVRAM settings are stored on the "System Configuration
Card", so if you have another compatible SunFire machine you could try
changing the card (ie; whilst they're powered off).

On Fri, Oct 3, 2008 at 4:58 PM, sunhux G <> wrote:

>  Hi
> I've inherited a V120 with unknown eeprom password which I intend
> to reinstall with Solaris 10 & then use it as NFS/Samba server.
> When this V120 boots up, it would hang the console (ie my notebook's
> Hyperterm session) while it's firing up Liebert's Multilink script.
> Stop-A (Ctrl-Break in Hyperterm which only works occasionally)
>   brings up this message :
> Type go(continue), boot or login.
> Any of the above 3 options will prompt for a (eeprom) password
> I happen to be lucky at one point that I got a "Console login:"
> prompt after waiting for 2 hours watching the LIebert Multilink UPS
> messages at the console/hyperterm.  I was dumb not to have
> seized the earlier opportunity to use "eeprom security-password="
> when I managed to get the chance earlier to login but instead
> shut it down to try to get to OBP (ok prompt) which did not
> materialize as I later found it needs an eeprom password.
> My notebook has a serial cable connected to the ALOM port
> on this V120 - gets to see the bootup messages till the point
> Liebert Multilink messages show up.
> Any way for me to recover from this so that I could boot from
> Solaris 10 DVD & reinstall?  Does V120 has a little processor
> (like V880) that requires us to press certain key combination/
> sequence to get to OBP/ok prompt mode?
> Thanks
> U
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