SUMMARY: How to distinguish between a UFS and ZFS filesystem

From: Michael Dahlberg <>
Date: Thu Sep 25 2008 - 09:45:14 EDT
Thank you very much to all who replied.  Most suggested using 'df -n'
to determine the mounted filesystems and their type.  (Linux has a
similar command line parameter, '-T', but I find the output of
Solaris' version to be more "clean").

Some suggested using the command '/usr/sbin/fstyp' to determine the
filesystem type for both mounted and unmounted filesystems.  Since you
must pass the device special file that corresponds to the filesystem,
I had trouble determining it's usage with ZFS filesystems.  In
addition, latter versions of the Solaris man page for fstyp come with
this warning:

"This command is unreliable and its  results  should  not  be used to
make any decisions about subsequent use of a storage device or disk

Again, thank you to all who replied.

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