V880 with a security obsession [SUMMARY]

From: Tim Kirby <trk_at_cray.com>
Date: Sat Sep 20 2008 - 22:36:12 EDT
In my original post, I whimpered about a V880 that would not be updated...

> When I went to update [OBP], however, I got the dreaded
>   **ERROR: System security is set: System firmware was not modified.
> Well, I'm out of ideas. The jumpers are correct. They've even been
> taken off and checked to make sure they're right. Both normal and
> diag key positions have been tried. Standalone boot and update from
> Solaris. Just about every variation I could think of (made all the
> more painful by having to walk someone through this 1000 miles away)
> Even Google hasn't come up with anything.

Joshua Newswanger pointed me at

> *Document Audience:*     SPECTRUM
> *Document ID:*     210487
> *Old Document ID:*     (formerly 48027)
> *Title:*     Sun Fire[TM] V880 or V480 firmware: Unable to Flashupdate:
> "ERROR: system security set: system firmware was not modified"

The key being if the setting of the EEPROM variable 'security-mode' is
anything other than "none," you will NOT be able to update the firmware
using flashprom (which was true in my case).

Frustratingly I had tried putting this into sunsolve but apparently I
did not contrive to search with quite the right keywords.


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