Summary: SAN Discontinued

From: Joe A <>
Date: Fri Sep 19 2008 - 13:50:54 EDT
I got ssh back - when devpers edited vfstab they left one of the svm partition
in the vfstab causing the system from running with ssh
I removed it now I can get to ssh/ format only shows 2 default disk.
In dmesg I am still getting:
Sep 19 13:35:11  qla2300: [ID 405951] EL146: hba1: get_host_data,
FAILED Status=11
Sep 19 13:35:11  qla2300: [ID 950917] EL147: hba1: fo_get_lun_data,
failed No devices
Sep 19 13:35:11  qla2300: [ID 706028] EL148: hba1: fo_ioctl, failed
rval=0, Status=9h
Sep 19 13:35:11  qla2300: [ID 341626] EL149: hba1:
fo_get_target_data, failed No devices
Sep 19 13:35:11  qla2300: [ID 834882] EL150: hba1: fo_ioctl, failed
rval=0, Status=9h

Do I uninstall the driver to prevent this check?

--- On Fri, 9/19/08, Joe A <> wrote:

From: Joe A <>
Subject: SAN Discontinued
Date: Friday, September 19, 2008, 11:06 AM

Hi Guys
Specifics: Solaris 10 on sunfire v480
FC Switches: Sandbox 5200
SAN: Nexsan ataboy2x used sun volume manager
Devp'ers decide to not use SAN for the server anymore.
So I have unmasked the luns, make unavailable disk, and ran a devfsadm -C/
edits the vfstab.
When i ran format I can still see the disk though unavailable so I rebooted
but now I cannot ssh to the box. And format still shows the disk.
Dmesg spills out of alot of error and I am also /dev/md/d1-12 error.
Thanks for any help
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