SUMMARY: How to do a Hardware reset of the ALOM to factory defaults

From: Dale Whittemore <>
Date: Thu Sep 18 2008 - 10:30:09 EDT
Never did find out how to do a hardware reset to factory defaults but, 
as it turns out, the previous admin had put a base OS install on it and 
used the standard root password we use for servers before putting the 
them into production.  I just booted up with my laptop plugged into the 
SER MGT port and when I got the login prompt I logged in as root and 
cd'ed to /usr/platform/`uname -i`/sbin, then ran scadm userpassword 
admin and changed it. 


Dale Whittemore wrote:
> We have a V445 that came with the ALOM password already set to something 
> other than the factory default.  We would like to reset the ALOM to 
> factory default so we can start building the system.  The disks were 
> replace with new disks before we took ownership.  The admin who had the 
> box before has left the company so no joy there.  How do you do a 
> hardware reset of the ALOM to factory defaults on a V445.  I cannot find 
> it in the ALOM manual.
> Thanks
> Dale Whittemore
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