SUMMARY: Solaris 8 CDE timeout problem

From: Dave Markham <>
Date: Thu Sep 18 2008 - 06:56:21 EDT
OK. Thanks to people who responded on this. Couple just suggested to run 
applications over ssh and X, which isn't an option in this case.

They have a machine in restricted section of a datacenter with a vga 
card and vga to fibre converter which trails some distance to a big 
screen in an ops room. There is no network access to the box from the 
ops room.

It seemed like an issue where some users had inadvertently set up DPMS 
on their account. This will blank the monitor output after a certain 
amount of idle seconds. (Default for us was 1440).

This was checked with :-

# find /export/home -name dt.settings -exec egrep -li "dpmsenable:.*1" {} \;

We then just changed the following entries :-

Dtsession*ShutDownState:        1
Dtsession*DPMSStandby:  1440
Dtsession*DPMSEnable:   1
Dtsession*DPMSOff:      1800
Dtsession*DPMSSuspend:  1620
Dtsession*ShutDownMode: 4


Dtsession*ShutDownState: 1
Dtsession*DPMSStandby:  *0*
Dtsession*DPMSEnable:   *0*
Dtsession*DPMSOff:      *0*
Dtsession*DPMSSuspend:  *0*
Dtsession*ShutDownMode: 4

Hope this helps someone

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