SUMMARY: freeing up space in /var/sadm

From: Dani Calloway <>
Date: Fri Sep 12 2008 - 14:48:06 EDT
Well, I've gotten quite the gambit of replies. A few people have
advised me to not touch /var/sadm at all, saying that to modify
anything would destroy my ability to patch the system in the future.
Others suggested that the entirety of /var/sadm/patch could be removed
without consequence (other than the inability to roll back patches).
Yet others suggested that I remove all undo.Z and/or obsolete.Z files
in /var/sadm/pkg.

After some serious backups, I tried the latter approach, since the
undo.Z and obsolete.Z files were taking up the most space. I then was
able to apply the security patches needed with no issues, indicating
that removal of the files is safe so long as you don't need to roll
back. Hopefully. Removing undo.Z and obsolete.Z freed up 85% of the
used disk space in /var.

Dani Calloway
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