SUMMARY: NFS mount does not come up at boot time but works fine from command line

From: Dillon, Larry <>
Date: Tue Sep 09 2008 - 12:48:29 EDT
SUMMARY:  When the system in question was installed, the JASS security
toolkit was applied in a rather restrictive setting.  This setting,
among other items, turned off the NFS client automount in the init
scripts.  Restoring the file returned NFS automount.

Details:  In /etc/rc2.d, there is a file called S73nfs.client, that does
all the NFS automounts, as flagged in /etc/vfstab.  JASS moves this file
to _S73nfs.client.JASS.[timestamp], to keep it from running during the
automatic boot.  This file contains the commands "mountall -F nfs" and
"mountall -F cachefs", which have to do with NFS file systems.  This is
where the automatic mount on boot occurs.  Moving the file back to its
original name (S73nfs.client) restored the expected functionality.  I
didn't see any other files that needed to be recovered similarly in the
boot script files.

I suspect JASS does the exact same thing under Solaris 8 (or other
versions pre-10 that JASS runs on).  Under Solaris 10, I theorize (but
have not had a chance to test) that JASS turns off the appropriate boot
item in SMF.  I would suggest checking your services list for details.

Thanks to Joshua Newswanger, Ric Anderson, A Darren Dunham and Matt
Clauson for their responses.

Larry Dillon
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