SUMMARY: Zones and ps -ef

From: Hendrik Visage <>
Date: Mon Sep 08 2008 - 06:39:55 EDT
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From: Andrew Watkins
Date: Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 11:33 AM
Subject: Re: Zones and ps -ef
To: Hendrik Visage

No! You got it wrong the global zone will show you every process
running on every zone. I think what you need is the -z or -Z but -e
will show you every process

-Z      Prints the name of the zone  with  which  the process  is
associated  under
-z zonelist    Lists only processes in the specified  zones.

-e      Lists information  about  every  process  now running. When
the -eoption is specified,  options  -z, -t, -u, -U, -g, -G, -p, -g
and -a options have no effect. Which means -e overrides -z

ps -efZ
ps -fz global


Hendrik Visage wrote:
> Hi there,
>  The way I understood zones, is that a ps -ef in the global zone
> shouldn't show me processes in the other zones, or have I missed
> something?
> It's extremely "painfull" when looking at ps -ef output in the global
> zone and the UIDs being dissimilar from the "child/guest" zones,
> showing strange names etc.
>  What options would be needed for ps *not* to show the child zone pids?
> And which options would show to which zone a process belongs to?
> ditto for prstat and friends ;)
> Thanx

Hendrik Visage
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