Summary: ufsdump from a remote server via ssh (Prng not seeded)

From: sunhux G <>
Date: Thu Aug 28 2008 - 10:08:40 EDT
Thanks to various replies, but I'll just quote Julian (who emailed
me the patch), Duncan  &  Ric  to minimize overlapping answers:


You should install sun patch 112438-02 which is the patch that
installs /dev/random and that will seed openssh.  There is also
a shell script that can install the patch live (no reboot).

There may be a newer version of that patch

With your ufsdump across the network, if you're still having
difficulties with sshd and PRNG (sounds like you need the
/dev/random patch from Sun, google for this and entropy), then a
simpler alternative for transporting the data is to get and install
netcat (from on both machines.

Then, instead of something like:

ON HOST1: ufsdump 0uf - test.txt | ssh HOST2 "gzip >/tmp/host1.dmp.gz"

You'd first tell HOST2 to listen on port 10000 (your choice) and
capture what it gets:

nc -l -p 10000 | gzip > /tmp/host1.dmp.gz

then on HOST1, you'd generate the data stream and get netcat to send it
to the listening port on HOST2:

ufsdump 0f - | nc HOST2 10000

10000 is an arbitrary port you choose that is:
a). not used on host2,
b). not firewalled when HOST1 tries to connect to it on HOST2.

You may need to CTRL-C HOST1's ufsdump | nc command when the ufsdump
has finished, for reasons never very clear to me netcat often hangs around.
However, as ufsdump itself reports when it's finished, and you can also
use another connection to HOST2 to monitor the size of /tmp/host1.dump.gz,
or indeed the cpu usage of gzip, this should be ok.


Q: I was able to ssh into this Solaris 8 server but from this
    Solaris 8 server, I'm not able to ssh out to other server
A: Hmm, someone installed some ssh package before you
    got there.  Odd that they would install the server and
    not the client though.  Look in /etc/rc?.d and see
    what script starts sshd and where it's config file is.


On Sat, Aug 16, 2008 at 8:07 PM, sunhux G <> wrote:

> Thanks, not a path issue but Openssh is not there in Solaris 8.
> The command is :
> ufsdump 0uf - test.txt | ssh slagpo@ "cd /tmp; cat > test.dmp;
> gzip test.dmp"
> (tested between 2 Solaris 10 servers)
> (One reply corrected my original command :
>   # nohup ufsdump 0uf - /  | ssh myuserid@ "cd /ora/destdir;
>     zip -"
> I'll need to install from  Openssh (& the
> pre-requisites Openssl & lastly libgcc) but after restarting (by issuing
> "/usr/sbin/sshd2 restart" ), ssh now has a message :
> # /usr/local/bin/ssh myuserid@ <myuserid@>
> PRNG is not seeded
> (Some of those suggestions from google did not resolve PRNG error
>   above)
> NFS share is not permitted for security reason.
> Thanks again,
> U
> On 8/15/08, sunhux G <> wrote:
>> Hi
>> I'm exploring a solution to do "ufsdump" from a Solaris 8 server (which
>> currently also has an 'ssh command not found problem') to a remote
>> Solaris 10 server (which has a lot of disk space) :
>> On Solaris 8 server :
>> # ssh
>> ksh: ssh:  not found
>> The command below on Solaris 8 did not work (partly the
>> ssh problem above & possibly I'm missing something) :
>> # nohup ufsdump 0uf - /  | ssh myuserid@ "cd /ora/destdir; zip
>> -" &
>> where /ora/destdir  is permitted for writing by the remote user myuserid.
>> What's the missing bits?
>> Also, suppose instead of using the remote Solaris 10 server, can I
>> substitute
>> it with a Windows ssh server (which also has a lot of disk space)?
>>  Problem is Windows XP supports max file size of 4Gb only if I'm not wrong
>> TIA
>> U
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