SUMMARY: Annoying Shell/Terminal Problem

From: Crist Clark <>
Date: Fri Aug 22 2008 - 20:53:54 EDT
Thanks to "francisco roque" for catching this one. He suggested
that a startup script was set to trap(1) INT. Yep. Some /etc/profile
and .profile scripts map INT to a null action with trap(1). Then
at the end of the script either (a) someone forgot to clear the
trap(1) or (b) someone changed it to ksh-specific syntax that sh
doesn't seem to understand (keep /etc/profile sh-clean people)
depending on the system.


On 8/22/2008 at 3:45 PM, "Crist Clark" <>
> OK. I give up. I'm asking for help. We've got this annoying
> little problem with a number of machines. I'm not sure what
> this sysadmin does differently, but almost all of the boxes
> she builds show this behavior.
> The primary annoyance is that Ctrl-C doesn't work like we
> want and expect. It doesn't actually interrupt a command.
> For example, if I,
>   # tail -f /some/file
> And then ^C to try to break out, it does not work. I can't
> break out. But if I ^Z, it does background it.
> But ^C does do something. If I type,
>   # echo howdy^Cecho doody
>   doody
> The ^C canceled the first echo, but it doesn't cause the shell
> to kick back with a newline and prompt like I usually expect,
>   # echo howdy^C
>   # echo doody
>   doody
> That's the output on system with the glitch and one without for
> the exact same set of keystrokes.
> As a plus, we have systems where the ^C will break out in the
> tail command example, but does still show the weird behavior
> when I run those echo commands from the shell.
> I've looked at the shell environmental variables. I've looked
> at stty(1) settings. It doesn't look like the login shell,
> /sbin/sh and /bin/ksh both seem to do it. I'm stumped. Anyone
> seen this before?

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