V1280 Console line wrap issue - SUMMARY

From: Smith, Kev <KSmith_at_espeed.co.uk>
Date: Tue Aug 12 2008 - 11:24:49 EDT
/sbin/autopush had 644 permissions, should have been 555 - We are
looking at adhoc OS disk corruption at the moment as we are seeing other
issues on the host as well. autopush deals with stream IO including the
console. The file was corrected and the stepping issue was fixed

FYI SUN DOC  202387 details [which has been talked about before on this
list - see "console stepping"]:
Check the serial port entries in /etc/path_to_inst:

# grep serial /etc/path_to_inst

The entries should look like:

    "/pci@1f,0/isa@7/serial@0,2e8" 1 "su"
    "/pci@1f,0/isa@7/serial@0,3f8" 0 "su"
If these entries are incorrect or missing, then take one of actions

1) If this system was just installed with JumpStart[TM], then most
likely the jumpstart
   image is corrupt. Recreate the image and jumpstart the client again.

2) If the system had been functioning normally before this problem
occurred, then
   recreate the path_to_inst file:
   # mv /etc/path_to_inst ..
   # init 0
   ok boot -a

   [Press Return to select default values for everything except
   Enter y to rebuild /etc/path_to_inst when prompted]:

   The /etc/path_to_inst on your system does not exist or is empty.
   Do you want to rebuild this file [n]  y

Thanks to Ric Anderson, Juraj Lutter, JayJay Florendo & BV for their
input to the problem
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