From: Stephanie C <>
Date: Wed Aug 06 2008 - 12:02:33 EDT
I would like to withdraw my question due to one gentlemen (hike <>) who is giving me a hard time about my question. I treat
every questions on this list that subjects to SUN related with respect, even
simple or stupid questions. I don't give people hard time because their
questions, I ignore them. Since this gentlemen gave me a hard time about
this, please ignore my question. Thank you very much for all replied my
questions, 18 educational institutions are running Oracle on ZFS with no
problem. Thanks again.

Note: I will have to be careful about the questions on this list so people
do not attack me.


Original question:

Hello- I posted a question earlier about this issue. I got very good
responses and already summarized the result on the list (summary again
below). That is not enough to convince my boss to go with ZFS for Oracle
database. We are an higher Education intuition. He wants to know if any
colleges or universities out there run Oracle DB on ZFS and any problem or
issue with it. He does not want 'we are the first education institution to
do this'. Please let me know if you are an education institution running
oracle db on zfs. Thank you.
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