SUMMARY: non-interactive jumpstart

From: Robert Knight <>
Date: Mon Jul 28 2008 - 18:15:17 EDT
Thank you all for the rapid and useful replies. I received a number of
potential solutions, and spent an hour or so testing them all out. The
solutions I chose were:

1) hardcode NFSv4 domain to, instead of selecting "dynamic". We
don't use NFSv4 anyway, so I disabled it in a post script by setting
/etc/default/nfs NFS_*_VERSMAX=3.
2) I set timeserver=localhost, which tells jumpstart that the local clock is
assumed to be correct. No one could provide information on other accepted
values of the timeserver variable (IP addresses for ntp servers? something
else?). If anyone happens to know, it would satisfy a curiousity :-)

Robert Knight

On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 10:02 AM, Robert Knight <>wrote:

> I'm having issues getting jumpstart to be fully automated. There are two
> issues:
> 1) Prompting for NFSv4 domain. I have the following option in my sysidcfg
> file, but it doesn't seem to be used: nfs4_domain=dynamic
> 2) Prompting for date/time. In the same sysidcfg file, I set timeserver=
>, but am still prompted during jumpstart.
> I am attempting to jumpstart Solaris 10u5 sparc using the DVD image. In
> case it matters, I am using, for now, the traditional RARP method, not the
> DHCP one.
> I understand that these might questions might not seem time-sensitive in
> the traditional sense, but my boss is breathing down my neck to get this all
> set up correctly...
> Does anyone have any experience to lend on these matters?
> Robert Knight
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