summary: solaris network port response time

From: Carl Ma <>
Date: Sun Jul 20 2008 - 11:40:07 EDT

Thanks for the responses from following people.
Andrew Brennan
JayJay Florendo

Andrew suggested port mapping and, which doesn9t apply  in our
John Hallman suggested IO::Socket module using Perl script, based on which I
added time::HiRes fuction, it ends up below perl script.
Ddelija also suggested switch port mapping, which I can9t implement in our
Jay jay advise the 3time <transaction command>2 to count the round trip
time. As this program forks lots of processes, port connection is one of the
components. I can9t use this.
Sengor suggested sending snoop output to another host running
Ethereal/Wireshark. It is doable although extra management approval is

I would suggest chaoreader, which is a well written perl script. It can
parse snoop/tcpdump output and create a html file with all kinds of

So far, I am using the below script for a quick snap of port response and
waiting Sun to release new tcp provider.:-)



use strict;
use IO::Socket;
use Time::HiRes qw( gettimeofday );
my ($socket, $start, $after, $delta, $status);
my @services = (
[ '', 'IP', 'port' ],
for my $i ( 0 .. $#services ) {
  $status .= "Port ".$services[$i][2]." on ".$services[$i][0]." is ";
  $start = gettimeofday();
  $socket =
    IO::Socket::INET->new( PeerAddr => $services[$i][1],
                           PeerPort => $services[$i][2],
                           Proto    => 'tcp',
               Timeout  => 2,
                           Type     => SOCK_STREAM);

  if ($socket) {
   $after = gettimeofday();
   $delta = ($after - $start);
   $status .= "UP, port connection time is $delta ";

  else {
   $status .= "DOWN";
   $status .= "\n";
Print $status

--original question--
On Mon, 30 Jun 2008, Jun Zhu wrote:

> Hello folks,
> I am looking for a way to monitor the network response time from local
> server(solaris 10 release  08/07) to a particular application port on
> machine, which I don't have access to and it could be a host or network
> device.
> As this is a production server, I can't install extra utilities. So nmap or
> ethereal is out of scope. The dtrace script - tcpsnoop doesn't work on the
> latest solaris release because of  the incompatible fbt provider.
> I am planning to use a script to parse snoop output. By calculating the
> timestamp difference in "ether header",  it should be able to show response
> time of remote port.
> Someone may have this done already and could you please share some ideas?
> Thanks& have a good day,
> carl
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