SUMMARY: terminal unusable when doing ssh

From: Gerard Henry <>
Date: Wed Jun 18 2008 - 10:15:26 EDT
Many thanks for the quick replies (francisco roque, charles morris, 
michael maciolek, matthew stier, mats oeberg, anthony d'atri, maciej 
the consensus is to do:
setenv TERM vt100
because "install package with termcap info" that's what i am in search 
for, and didn't find it. That's the difference between a full installed 
machine, and a minimal installed machine (SUWter isn't sufficient)

> i'm logging to differents servers after ssh-ing on a dmz machine. This 
> dmz machine is minimal-installed.
> On this dmz machine, i start screen, then open differents sessions to 
> ssh to differents servers.
> Bur i got this error:
> tcsh: using dumb terminal settings.
> or
> calypso-henry% prstat -t
> prstat: failed to load terminal info, defaulting to -c option
> as this machine contains few packages, i'm in search of the missing 
> packages to have it working
> The dmz machine has Solaris Express Developper Edition 1/08 installed. I 
>   tried to add packages related to terminal, but it doesn't seem to be 
> sufficient.
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