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From: Diego Brito Veiga - b04917 <>
Date: Fri Jun 13 2008 - 08:15:17 EDT
Thanks to every one who point me checks to detect the problem.
I didn't find an answer but a workaround was to apply the latest 
10_Recommended patch cluster (May/30/08).

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Subject: 	zfs destroy
Date: 	Mon, 02 Jun 2008 09:59:52 -0300
From: 	Diego Brito Veiga - b04917 <>
Organization: 	Freescale Semiconductors

Hi guys,

I am running after the Netbackup policy ends the script bpend_notify.
This script remove the snapshot and send me an email with a policy 
report. The script is executed as root loading the root envs by 
Netbackup daemon.

If I execute it manually no issue but if it is automatic returns me the 
error and don't remove the snapshot.

more .bpend_notify.BSTC_FIL03-ccvv_backup
#* $VRTScprght: Copyright 1993 - 2002 VERITAS Software Corporation, All 
Rights Reserved $ *
# -----
#   This script should be copied to /usr/openv/netbackup/bin and linked 
os renamed to
# bpend_notify.POLICYNAME.SCHEDULE (example: bpend_notify.BSTC_NDMP)
# --------------------------------------------------------------------
# main script starts here
# --------------------------------------------------------------------

# Get the Unix time when backup is finished (aproximate value)
sec_time=`perl -e 'print time;'`
finish_unix_time=`echo $sec_time | sed -e 's/...$//'`
day=`/bin/date +%D`
hour=`/bin/date +%T`
#Send an email message when backup is finished
# Person who will receive a notification email
zfs destroy lun10/ccvv_backup@netbackup

internal error: failed to initialize ZFS library

Any tip? I will summarize the answers.

Diego Brito Veiga
Freescale Semiconductors
EDA/CAD Support Group - Brazil
Phone: +55 19 3783-8546
Fax:   +55 19 3783-8601

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