SUMMARY: CPU utilization/ Disk utilization

From: Kiran Sharma <>
Date: Fri May 30 2008 - 09:35:04 EDT
Thanks to following individuals who gave me very good information.
  Jeff Marble, francisco roque, hike, John Hallman, Unix Admin

  John suggested to monotor the sql process and database stuff and other folks suggested to use or configure sar for future use. 
  I think I should use sar in the future.
Kiran Sharma <> wrote:
  Hi Gurus,
I got a complain from a user that it took him 4 hour to update a remedy ticket to all subsequent child tickets to have the category type and items change. I have Sun StorageTek 2510 array attached. 

Could someone please give me some hints to find out what was cpu utilization yesterday from 5 tp 9 PM?

Just to update one ticket it was taking 4 hours and it was really slow. I need to find out the reason behind it. I don't have any other monitoring tools here.

When I use iostat to see the read and write info it has very much ups and down data. It spikes and goes down.

Hope to hear from you guys.
- KS
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