Summary: what are the services needed for GUI (Xming, Hummingbird, ReflectionX) & CDE

From: sunhux G <>
Date: Tue May 13 2008 - 05:39:29 EDT
Thanks Nowell, Daniel, Aleks, Mark.
Sorry for the late summary as just managed to read the emails
a while ago only :

Replies are :

a)you don't need any particular services on the Solaris box to send your X11
display to a PC running an X server. The X-enabled apps will know how to
talk to your X server. You don't need an X server running on the Solaris box

b)Default services in multi-user milestone would be enough for X11

c)Ensure the following packages are installed :
SUNWxcu4 SUNWxwfnt
SUNWxwice SUNWcpp
SUNWzlib  SUNWxwplt
SUNWxwplx SUNWxwrtl
Then use putty/SSH to login & ensure that X11 forwarding is enabled on the
server in the sshd_config file and that the putty client is enabled to allow

d)The rpc.ttdbserver daemon is used by CDE, so you'll need it to login via
the CDE GUI.

  On Solaris 10, you'll need the "cde-login" service enabled :

  If it's disabled, enable it with :
     # svcadm enable cde-login

The only thing that must be checked is that your Solaris box allows remote
session for
your PC host (which must be, IIRC, in /usr/dt/config/Xaccess).

e)If your firewall will allow it, you can do a full CDE desktop with XDMCP
(this is not secure) or you can forward X with ssh using ssh -X
user@hostname.  You can also install  cygwin/X on Windows with the ssh
package.  If you initiate your ssh session from cygwin/X then everything
will redirect to your screen.  Test it with a simple application first like
xclock or Mozilla.


On 5/9/08, sunhux G <> wrote:
> Hi,
> If I launch a X server on my Windows PC (eg: Xming, Hummingbird,
> ReflectionX), I would like the tools (eg: admintool, oracle installer)
> to throw its output to my PC  (yes, I would need to set the DISPLAY
> to my PC's IP address first).
> Which services (for Solaris 9 & 10) are needed for this to happen
> as don't want to accidentally hardened/remove them?
> In Solaris 9, is this
> rpc.ttdbserver?
> In Solaris 10, there's a whole list of  services in "svcs -a"
> Also, if I need to login to the Solaris server via CDE GUI,
> which are the services needed?
> Thanks
> U
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