SUMMARY: Stale NFS file handle

From: Lars Hecking <>
Date: Wed May 07 2008 - 11:37:31 EDT
 Thanks to Sanjaya Srivastava and Aleks Feltin for their input.

 In the file handle log below, the first number should correspond to the
 nfs share dev entry from /etc/mnttab, and the fourth number to the inode
 of the file in question.

 I have not come to a resolution since the logged filesystem id is not in
 /etc/mnttab, even when I force all possible automounts. Searching all
 volumes one by one, I eventually found a matching inode, but the file
 hasn't been touched, and certainly not written to, in three months.

 NFS v4 may help, but I cannot enable it on the filer because we have too
 many clients which don't support it.

 Useful info:

Lars Hecking writes:
>  Server is running Solaris 10, filer is a NetApp filer. How can I find out
>  which file is causing this? What do all the numbers after "file handle"
>  mean? I understand there's a filesystem id and inode numbers involved,
>  but none of the numbers appear in df -g output. Nothing is logged on the
>  filer.
> May  6 20:15:01 server nfs: [ID 626546 kern.notice] NFS write error on host filer: Stale NFS file handle.
> May  6 20:15:01 server nfs: [ID 702911 kern.notice] (file handle: 29bc3300 81aa9200 20000000 62df01 7fee1c0f 5a304c3 40000000 36ccbf00)
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