SUMMARY: st2530 attached to two T2000?

From: Gérard Henry <>
Date: Mon May 05 2008 - 08:08:19 EDT
especially thanks to scott Lawson for the discussion we had, Stefan 
Varga, Chris Hoogendyk and William Hathaway.
My question wasn't precise, so if i resume, i have to do the following:
- on first T2000, zfs pool is imported, ans remain accessible after 
reboots. The second T2000 doesn't import the pool.
- Manually, if the first T2000 is stopped or crashed, i can import the 
zfs pool on the second T2000
This way is sufficent for me, the next step would be to install 
something like SunCluster

It isn't possible to mount the zfs pool from the second T2000 read only

my original post:

> i have the following config:
> - two T2000 with HBA SAS S10U3
> - st2530
> There is a zfs pool on st2530. The st2530 is attached to the two 
> T2000's. I can do:
> "zfs import donnees" from first T2000
> then
> "zfs export donnees"
> and
> "zfs import donnees" from second T2000
> But i don't know if it is possible to mount the pool read-write on the 
> first T2000 and read-only from the second T2000?
> And what happens if the two T2000 reboot at the same time?
> thanks in advance,
> gerard
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