SUMMARY: Getting NFSv4 query to not interrupt a jumpstart

From: Christopher L. Barnard <>
Date: Wed Apr 30 2008 - 19:22:15 EDT
I asked:

> I recently downloaded the 05/08 image of Solaris 10 from Sun.  I can
> jumpstart servers  from that image, however the automatic installation
> is disturbed by the interactive question
>  NFSv4 Domain Name
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>   NFS version 4 uses a domain name that is automatically derived from
> the
>   system's naming services. The derived domain name is sufficient for
> most
>   configurations. In a few cases, mounts that cross domain boundaries
> might
>   cause files to appear to be owned by "nobody" due to the lack of a
> common
>   domain name.
>   The current NFSv4 default domain is: ""
>       NFSv4 Domain Configuration
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>       [X] Use the NFSv4 domain derived by the system
>       [ ] Specify a different NFSv4 domain
> I see in the archives how to define this in Finish so that it is not
> asked upon the first boot, but I don't see how to set it in the
> sysidcfg (or anywhere else for that matter) on my jumpstart server.
> Has anyone successfully configured their jumpstart server to
> automatically answer this question?

The answer:

very simple.  i added
  nfs4_domain= dynamic

to my  sysidcfg file.  Jumpstart no longer queries me for the NFSv4  
Domain Configuration.

Thanks To:

Ryan Anderson, Eric Ham, Paul Henson, Matthew Stier, Tom Schmidt,  
Richard Lacroix, Nick Bone, Greg Marsh, Gerard Henry, Richard Skelton,  
and Jeff Marble

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