SUMMARY: X2100 problems

From: Mike Brodbelt <>
Date: Mon Apr 28 2008 - 12:25:42 EDT
Thanks to the people who responded on this one. I still haven't solved
the problem, however I have found some more info. The best suggestion
was a firmware update, and I have now updated one of the systems in
question to the latest firmware version, which updates the SP and BIOS.

Sun's product notes for the X2100 M2[1] identify as a problem a service
processor reset when issuing a remote power-on command. Their suggested
fix is to upgrade to version 1.3 or later. Having upgraded to 1.4, I'm
still seeing the issue, so I'm less than convinced, and I have an open
service call with Sun to try and get this resolved. My particular
machines are all configured with the optional LSI logic SAS RAID card,
and 2 10k rpm 146Gb SAS disks - it's possible that the problem may only
be visible with certain hardware configurations. If there's anyone else
out there with an X2100, please test, and see if yours exhibits the same


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