SUMMARY:Remote System Control s/w for Sun Fire V215's ?

From: Dale Whittemore <>
Date: Fri Apr 25 2008 - 13:10:41 EDT
Problem is fixed.

Jeff Marble pointed me to /usr/platform/SUNW,Sun-Fire-V215/sbin/scadm 
which is a link to /usr/platform/SUNW,Sun-Fire-V240/sbin/scadm.
Used the 'resetrsc' command and after a minute was able to ping the NET 
MGT port and login to the remote console. 
If this were the forums, he would get 10 points out of 10.


Dale Whittemore wrote:
> Is there software that you can install on a V215 similar to the Sun
> Remote System Console software you can install on V480R's to control the
> rsc from the command line?   Currently, on our V215's, if we have a
> network outage, it locks the NET MGT port and we either have to power
> off the box or find a laptop with a DB9 serial port to do the resetsc
> command to get it working again.  We would like to be able to reset from
> a login session on the V215.  These systems are rack mounted and not
> easy to get to.
> Thanks
> Dale Whittemore
> Lockheed Martin Enterprise Services
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