SUMMARY: Library path corrupt after crle

From: Husemann, Harald <>
Date: Wed Apr 23 2008 - 09:00:04 EDT
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Hi agn,

and thanks to all who answered! We tried several suggestions, and after 
some investigation we finally made it:
It's enough to delete /var/ld/ld.config, as we supposed - but, since the 
machine was running SVM with a mirrored root, you have to do this on 
both submirrors.
Hm, I'd supposed if I change something on one of the disks, SVM should 
detect this and update the mirror, but...


the machine is up & running without a new installation.

Keep on hackin',


Husemann, Harald schrieb:
> Hi gurus,
> one of my colleagues issued a wrong crle command (he forgot the -u) and 
> corrupted one of our systems.
> The system crashed, and I can only boot Solaris failsafe now, the normal 
> OS starts without any problem, but login is impossible because of the 
> corrupted library path (system libraries are missing, and therefor, 
> login cannot run).
> I was able to mount the system partition while in failsafe mode, and I 
> created both /var/ld/ld.config and /var/Ld/64/ld.config with crle and 
> default values.
> But, it seems these are not read, the system is still unable to start 
> the login process...
> Any clues? I'm running out of ideas, the last option is to install the 
> system again from scratch, and recover the data from tape, but I hope 
> there's a faster and easier way to fix it.
> System is a X2100 (AMD64) with Solaris 10 x86 Release 11/06.
> Thanks,
> and have a nice hackin',
> Harald

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