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From: sunhux G <>
Date: Tue Apr 08 2008 - 05:46:29 EDT
I was requested to summarize, otherwise I'll be violating the rules
of this list & there are many requests.    Here they are :

  Users are awarded with points for answering questions asked by other
  This results in a competition for obtaining more points. Experts who
obtain a
  certain level of points each month are given free access to all features
of the
  site.        Subscription is : US$13/month, US$100/year


    Free version of the above (probably less responsive as it's not
    incentive-driven).  Probably not a mailing list - go to site to view

   Covers various IT topics but does not appear to be a mailing list

d)  or
    Bob Smart & Dale contributed this forum.
    I've used this : it adopts a requirement to summarize
    like this list so won't clog your mailbox but is less
    than half as active as this list

    for Veritas topics, contributed by Pedro

f) nothing specific came up for Linux but the first 3
    forums above should have some relevance


On 4/3/08, sunhux G <> wrote:
> Firstly, my apologies as this is off-topic.
> Besides Solaris, I have to deal with HP-UX, Redhat
> Linux, Veritas, NetApp SAN & central backup solutions
> (HP DataProtector, NetBackup)
> Appreciate any recommendations on any other forums/
> mailing lists that are active with good searchable
> archives/solutions.  Looking for  forums/lists with a
> good number of respondents with quality replies
> coming in within hours/less than 2 days.
> I'm contemplating  "Experts Exchange", a paid forum.
> There's one which award points to good answers but
> can't recall which one.
> Tek-tips is free & sometimes good solutions can be
> found.
> Won't summarize but if you would like the replies,
> can email me directly & will forward the replies over
> U
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