Summary: NIC teaming/bonding (IPMP?) clarifications in Solaris

From: sunhux G <>
Date: Thu Apr 03 2008 - 11:46:15 EDT
Thanks to Darren & Dean.  Their replies are appended below.

Haven't got to try it out yet


>   Question:
>   So in IPMP, do the client PCs access the Sun server using one
>   common IP address or there's a couple of IP address as what Buck
>   said above.  I'm aiming for one IP address so as not to complicate
>   firewall rules.  Is an active/active pair of ports still feasible?

IPMP does not create any type of 802.3ad compatible aggregation.  Since
the switch or networking gear has no knowledge of what's going on, it
can't balance things.

You can have one public IP address, but with only one port active at a
time (failover).  For better performance, you'd want two active
addresses.  You'd need other IP addresses for link test, but those
probably wouldn't have to traverse a firewall to work.

Other solutions would include SunTrunking and Solaris 10 Link
aggregation, both of which implement 802.3ad.

> b)is IPMP equivalent to Windows network teaming or Linux bonding?
>    I'm under the impression Windows teaming is active-active & only
>    one IP address is used by clients to access Windows server

Linux bonding has something like 6 modes.  One of the modes is
equivalent to IPMP.  Other modes are not (several of which are 802.3ad

> c) Must the IP addresses of the interface be in the same subnet
>     as the floating/cluster/teaming address (this is the address
>     which client PCs use to access this Sun server)?  I thought
>     of using  "private" addresses (say on the interfaces
>     so that in case IP addresses are "leaked" into the network by
>     accident, it won't cause any IP address conflict

Shouldn't be a problem.


 Hi- some quick notes.

IPMP isn't the same as bonding or aggregation- do a man on the solaris 10
"dladm" command for that kind of magic (it's less restrictive than ipmp)
IPMP has one common ip for both interfaces- however the "load balancing"
works only on tcp/ip traffic and only one way (I think it's outward bound
IPMP implementation has changed a bit in newer versions of solaris-
requirements/setup are less restrictive in the newer versions compared to
solaris 8/early solaris 9.
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