Summary: Will changing hostname affect Oracle10g, ssh etc

From: sunhux G <>
Date: Mon Mar 31 2008 - 01:27:51 EDT
Many thanks to Pedro & Brian's extensive answers & the
others (Stan, Tim, Ioan, Peter).

a) tnsnames.ora, listener.ora have to be taken care of but
    if they uses hostname/FQDN from DNS/hosts table, then it
    will be taken care of when updated in DNS/hosts.  In our
    case,  alas, DBA had hardcoded the IP address in these
    files so we'll have to edit them accordingly

b) /etc/net/* are obsoleted in Solaris 10

c) best not to change the hostname & instead change the
    login prompt or terminal program's color scheme/settings
    to help avoid logging into the wrong server

d) don't change the hostname to minimize amount of changes
    on the day of cutover

e) do a search for the hostname and IP string in the
    application directories


On 3/28/08, sunhux G <> wrote:
> Hi
> Apologies if this should have been posted in an Oracle
> /other lists.
> Just bought a T5120 running Solaris 10 & a colleague
> would like a temporary hostname be given to the host
> & on the day this server goes live, change the hostname
> to the ultimate production hostname.
> Questions are :
> Will changing hostname affect Oracle10g, Ssh, HP Data
> Protector agent (/opt/aworks/agents/bin/hpaAgent)  & a
> Liebert UPS agent ("/opt/MultiLink/bin/LiebertM" daemon)
> or do we need to reinstall these software after changing
> hostname & IP addr?
> The steps involved in changing hostname (excluding IP addr)
> are quite tedious :
>  /etc/hosts  (/etc/inet/hosts)
> /etc/nodename
> /etc/hostname.*interface*
> /etc/net/ticlts/hosts
> /etc/net/ticots/hosts
> /etc/net/ticotsord/hosts
> /etc/inet/ipnodes
> /etc/nodename
> and rename directory under /var/crash
> # cd /var/crash
> # mv oldname newname
> Use "hostname newname" to change the hostname
> on the fly (so don't have to reboot server).
> My view is it's fair to use a temporary IP address (so tt
> the old & new servers are on the same LAN for  ease
> of transferring files/data from old to new server)   & on
> the day of going live, change the IP addr to actual
> production addr but my colleague still would like to use
> a temporary hostname to avoid confusion (in case we
> login to the wrong server).
> Thanks for your inputs,
> U
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