SUMMARY: Solaris Backups

From: Levi Ashcol <>
Date: Fri Mar 28 2008 - 04:09:08 EDT
Thanks to Dean Ross-Smith, Tobias Nutt, Stan Horwitz, Ken Sibley, Chris H
Ruhnke, Rich Kulawiec and Sengor.

People suggestions were:
 1 - Live upgrade: Can be used to clone boot disks.

 2 - Flash Archive: Using flarcreate to create a system archive, store it on
a jumpstart server and recover any failed server from the jumpstart server
with this archive, use flarsplit you can expand the archive to single files
and restore to the server from there but it isn't to use from the normal

 3 - Dedicated backup package such as EMC NetWorker, Symanetec Netbackup
(Bare Metal), and Commvault Galaxy might be considered with that large a
number of servers. However with 3rd party network backup products and
"bare-metal" recovery is that to recover a boot disk you have to install a
bootable mini-root somewhere and then install the backup utility (or its
local client).  Then you can recover the boot disk filesystems.(recovery
does not extend across mount points onto other drives beyond the boot

 4 - Ufsdump is the best tool as there is a massive amount of experience out
there with it, so chances are any problem you'll run into has already been
solved by someone else.

 5 - Some backup pointers at .

My choice will be option 3 as I have a large amount of servers and really
need to automate and centralize the system backups.



From: Levi Ashcol []
Sent: Wednesday, March 19, 2008 9:01 PM
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Subject: Solaris Backups

  I am working in the data center with more than 300 SUN servers of
different class (entry, mid, high end) and Solaris versions 8/9/10. I am
looking for a solution that can help in backup up Solaris boot disk (system
disk) for all these servers with the possibility of restoring a whole server
(in case of HDD failure) or a single system file from a specific server.

 I read something about flash archives but I guess It will not fulfill the
requirements above.

I will appreciate any pointer/3rd party SW/GUI interface/documentation.



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