Summary: Checklist of files to move to new server/box (passwd, shadow, hosts, cron files, *.conf...)

From: sunhux G <>
Date: Tue Mar 25 2008 - 02:40:45 EDT
Thanks to Chris, Ric & Murat & pardon my disorganized summary:

Their replies added to my original email to make
it a more thorough list :


ssh config & keys in /etc/ssh

ftp access rules in /etc/ftpd

/etc/ftpusers (as we used ftp besides scp in our environment)


/home/...  or /export/home/...   (ie users' home directories)


>       We previously tuned /etc/system - can we just copy it over

      For 5120/5220/5240 CMT servers you'll absolutely need new
 /etc/system tuned for CMT servers.

Extras :

* If you collect sar statistics & if you may need them on new server :
* User home directories to be copied may reside on /export.
* In /opt there may be some optional packages.
* If you use mysql you may want to copy /etc/my.cnf file.

On 3/24/08, sunhux G <> wrote:
> Hi
> We're planning to migrate to another hardware T5120
> so we're coming up with a list of files that should be
> copied over to the new box.  Is there a checklist that
> lists files/configurations that need to be moved across?
> Offhand, I can only think of :
> a) files in /etc   like passwd, group, shadow,  hosts, hostname.*,
> defaultrouter
>     resolv.conf (for DNS)
> b) what's the filename/directory which hold the cron table
>     for the various users (oracle, root, ...)?  If I can copy them
>     over, that will be faster (rather than using root to "su - user"
>     & individually recreating their crontabs)
> c) .profile   of root, oracle, ...
> d) most of the /etc/*.conf files are not touched, so we'll just use
>     what's given in the new server after Solaris 10 installation
> e) /etc/init.d/*  startup/shutdown scripts & their links in /etc/rcX.d
> Anything else?
> Thanks
> U
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